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At Ultimate Synergy we have a passion for helping organizations become healthy through team and leadership development. When an organization is healthy it will experience what we call a winning culture. A level of health in an organization which is measured mainly by (1) minimal politics; (2) minimal confusion; (3) high morale; (4) high productivity; and (5) low turnover.

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Every company or organization is different so we develop a plan that is unique to your "cultural" needs using consultation (needs assessment), engagement surveys, personality profiles, DiSC profiles, and our original material that focuses on building strong and healthy relationships.

Business Brainstorm

Offering multiple package choices to fit your business' size and growth, ranging from number of employees to the nature and age of your business.

Scheduled weekly meetings,

consultant access, and regular reviews of engagement surveys.​

Ongoing consulting and assessment throughout the year to help your company stay on track and identify new challenges as they arise.

  • Foundations of a Winning Culture: Our original material designed to strengthen interpersonal relationships within teams to make them as strong as possible.  

  • DiSC Assessment: Provides an in-depth understanding of why people behave the way they do in the workplace. Gives participants an understanding of why other people think and behave the way they do and how these differences should actually be a strength and not a weakness of any team/organization.

  • Personality Profiles: Designed to give team members a basic understanding of the differences in personality that exist on their team and in their organization. Deals with core personality traits and gives an understanding of the way people are “wired.”

  • Servant Leadership: Learn how people at every level of your organization can serve those they work with and be a strong leader no matter what their personality or DiSC style is.    

  • Engagement Surveys: Keep a pulse on what the people in your organization are thinking and how you can better serve them to increase trust, satisfaction, morale, and productivity.  

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Travis Jacob received his MBA from Belhaven University. His organizational roles have focused on developing people and helping to create strong and healthy workplace cultures. Travis excels in the areas of leadership and team development. He worked for a health and wellness company in Central Florida as the Chief Culture Officer focusing on building an environment of trust, commitment, and excitement among all team members with a focus on improving morale, retention, and productivity. He served as an Administrator with a private college as the Dean of Students where he led in strategy, leadership development, and created policy. He spent two years as a Legislative Aid to a state Representative in the Florida House of Representatives. He has also served in executive roles on the staff at two different churches where he focused on leadership development, building organizational structure and operating systems, HR, and finance.

Clients Travis has worked with include: Chick-fil-A, Osceola County Supervisor of Elections, Lockheed Martin, Sea World, WMFE T.V., Niños de Mexico, Mosaic Church, and Salty Church.   

Think of us as your "Chief Culture Officer." Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve success through a WINNING CULTURE!

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"Had a great time learning about teams and how to best work together."

Ben L.

"Fantastic! Workshop was engaging and informative. We learned so much about creating healthy relationships within our team."

Marissa S.

"I had the privilege of working with Travis for just under a year. When we created a new role “Chief Culture Officer" Travis was the perfect candidate. The work environment was toxic. Travis took all the right steps – he was instrumental in creating a culture of fairness for the employees and the company. He implemented policies and procedures including salary and compensation programs, regular job evaluations and coached many on how to deal with their fellow employees. He started a one hour training session for senior managers to help them learn how to create and maintain a positive culture. I would consider an honor to be able to work with Travis sometime in the future."

David W.

"Travis' biggest contribution to any organization will be his relentless commitment to develop its human talent beyond the traditional HR scope, and create a culture of teamwork, trust and goodwill. His impact in our organization is noticeable not only to those of us that experience it every day, but to anyone that sees it from the outside."


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Find out how we can help you start to lay the foundation for a WINNING CULTURE today!

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